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Special Powers:
Everyone's Powers

Cell, the universe's most powerful and evil foe, was created in a secret room underneath Dr. Gero's Lab. He contains cells from the most powerfull fighters in the universe, including Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Piccolo. Since he has their cells incorporated into his body, he adopts their special powers as well. He can us the dreaded Kamehameha Wave, Krillin's Solar Flare, and Piccolo's ability to regenerate limbs, plus more. This makes him especially deadly. He also has a long tail with a needle on the end that he can use to absorb the life energy from others. He uses this feature several times on the human cities population. He also uses it to absorb androids 18, and 19, which was part of his programmed instructions. This enables him to transform into Perfect Cell.

Cell hosts a tournament called, the Cell Games. He will take on anyone who challenges him. Hopefully, one of the Z members will have the stregnth to defeat him.

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