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Special Powers:

Chi-Chi is a cute little princess who Goku saves when they are both young. She is the only one with a heart pure enough to ride on the Nimbus Cloud with Goku. But being young and cute doesn't mean Chi-Chi isn't a brave and amazing fighter. Part of her apparel is a special helmet. This helmet contains a boomerang which she can grab at a moment's notice and throw with amazing accuracy to down her opponents. But then, you would expect this of the Ox-King's only daughter. Her father, a great warrior, wanted to bring up a daughter who could take care of herself. So he molded her into a formidable fighter who can defend her loved ones against the forces of darkness. Chi-Chi grows up to become Goku's wife and the mother of their son, Gohan. Chi-Chi is a loving wife, doting mother, but she believes that their son should develop his brain instead of his brawn. This sometimes brings her in direct conflict with Goku and his friends who put a high value on fighting skills.

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