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Ginyu Force

Special Powers:
- Stops time
- Read Minds
- Teleconesis
- Purple-Spiral-Flash Attack
- Purple-Spiral-Flash Attack
- none
Captain Ginyu
- Body Switch

The Ginyu Force is considered the most evil, powerful team in the universe. The Ginyu Force has five members and each one has unique attack skills. Although they're a powerful team, each member is conceited which often leads to their failings. In between battles they spend their time playing "paper, rock, scissors" and watching soap operas. The Ginyu Force seems uncaring of their teammates and willing to watch their demise.

Barter is one of the fastest creatures. Captain Ginyu is the strongest of the team and the leader. Ginyu is able to switch bodies with his opponents. Recoome is a large brute who is extremely powerful but clumsy and slow. Guldo is capable of manipulating time and space. With his ability to read minds, control objects and stop time he can easily conquer much strong opponents.

They are hired by Frieza to eliminate the Z Gang while he collects the DragonBalls. The Ginyu Force is defeated by the Z Fighters.

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