= Goten
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Special Powers:
Transform into Super Saiyan

Goten, is the Second Son of Goku and Chi-Chi. He is born after the Cell Saga. Goten can easily transform into a Super Saiyan Because of Goku had been able to when he was born.

Goten and Trunks become best friends and Fight each other in the final bout of the Jr. World Fighting Tournament. They then devise a scheme to get into the Adult Tournament. Borrowing the costume of another participant, they pretend to be one person, but in the fight against Android 18, they are found out and disqualified.
Goten and Trunks then find out about Buu, and decide to tag along and hide out and watch the fight.

Goten looks almost identical to Goku as a young child, an with the same pure heart and good intentions. Goten is taught how to fly by Gohan.

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