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Special Powers:
Fuse with other Nameks
Create DragonBalls
See into Future

Kami is from the planet Namek although he embodies good while Piccolo became evil. They are inexplicably linked. Unfortunately, if and when Kami passes on, the Earth's Dragon Balls also cease to function at this time. Kami is the originator of the Earth's Dragon Balls. He has some capability of seeing into the future and thus knows a year in advance that he will die.

Besides creating the Dragon Balls Kami helps the allies out in other ways. He brings the good guys together for training in the famous Pendulum Room and he takes Goku to the Upper World for training with King Kai. The Pendulum Room is the center of all past, present, and future. Tien, Chiaotzu, Yamcha, and Krillin willingly enter there and experience first hand fighting with Saiyans of the past. When it is revealed that these Saiyans are much weaker than the ones coming to Earth, they realize the incredible task ahead of them. Kami teaches them all he knows and then sends them back to Earth to prepare for the Saiyans.

Later he fuses with Piccolo in order to beat Cell. This causes the DragonBalls to dissappear. Goku then selects Dende to become the new Guardian of the Earth.

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