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Master Roshi

Special Powers: Kamehameha Wave (well, used to!!)

An ancient and wise master of martial arts, Roshi has accumulated great power and knowledge. He is very old, completely bald, and has a long white beard. Because he lived for countless years on a deserted island with only a turtle for championship, he is also called the "Hermit Turtle". Then again, he's also called quirky, a kook, and a smelly old codger. Although he may appear strange, frail and harmless, Master Roshi is indeed a great warrior. He is master of the "Kamehameha" -- a power which he channels through his hands, creating a wave of tremendous power that can destroy mountains. Master Roshi's one failing is that he's attracted to women. Not a bad weakness, except that invariable he's attracted to a woman who would rather date his turtle than him. This weakness keeps his heart from being pure and prevents him from being able to ride the Nimbus Cloud.

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