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Special Powers:
Cell Regeneration
Body Duplication
Special Beam Cannon
Scatter Shot
Fusion with other Nameks

Goku's one time arch enemy, Piccolo, is one of the most strongest beings on the Earth. He wears an extremely heavy cape as constant training for his muscles. He is renowned for his powerful energy blasts as well as his ability to split into two or four separate entities. Green like a lizard, Piccolo has the ability to regenerate any limbs that he may lose in battle. A capability that comes in handy more than once.

Originally from the faraway planet Namek,(although Piccolo doesn't know this for a long time), Piccolo came to Earth and is fighting against Goku to rule the world. But when the Saiyans arrive, he's forced to join forces with Goku and the others to defeat a greater, more powerful evil.

At first, it is an uneasy alliance with Goku, but as the story unfolds, their bond becomes stronger. Piccolo even steps in to train Gohan for the upcoming battle against the Saiyans. Piccolo is confused by the bond he sees with Gohan and by his own actions. Is he training up an opponent who is stronger than he is and why does he risk his life to save Gohan's? Gohan sees the good within Piccolo and their relationship brings this good out of Piccolo. In the showdown with Vegeta and Nappa, Piccolo saves Gohan's life by jumping in front of an energy blast targeted at Gohan.

Piccolo Fights against every Nemesis that later comes along against the Z Fighters. On Namek, Piccolo fuses with a powerful fighter named Nail, which then gives him tremendous power.

Back on earth, Piccolo fuses yet again with Kame in an attempt to destroy Cell.

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