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Special Powers:
Concentration Bombs
Multiform Technique
Solar Flare
Self Distruct
Telepathy with Chiaotzu

Tien is a serious, three-eyed man intent on training to be strong. Formerly he beat Goku at a world-wide martial arts tournament. He can stop a waterfall with a blast and crush rocks with his head. His fighting techniques include the ability to hover in the air, throw concentration bombs, and split into two or four separate entities.

Tien is excited about being trained by Kami and willing to fight against the Saiyans despite the incredible odds against them. He volunteers to be the first to fight against the Saibaimen, wins the battle and goes on to fight against the Saiyans. He enjoys the friendship of Chiaotzu and is distressed when his friend completes a suicide mission.

He is then wished back to life after Freiza is defeated.

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