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If you would like to submit some of your fanart, or you know someone who does, email me.

Neko's Custom Vegeta
Goosen's Tien
Goosen's Goku with the Z-Sword
Goosen's Vegeta going mad
Carissa's Super Saiyan Trunks
PrncssAnne7's Super Saiyan Vegeta
Kyle's SSJ Gohan
Kyle' SSJ Goku
Wyatt's Gohan
Dark Clouds' Majin Vegeta
Dylan's Gohan
Boomer962 - Krillin's Family
Boomer962's Girls of DBZ
Boomer962's Android 18
Boomer962's Puar the shape shifter.
Jon - Videl fires an energy blast
Jon - Gohan as SSJ2
Jon - Android 18
Joe - Perfect Cell
Joe - Fat Buu
Joe - Cell's first form
Joe - Young gohan
Joe - An older Goten as SSJ
Joe - A goofy King Kai
Joe - Majin Buu
Joe - Super Saiyan Trunks