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Did you ever notice all the names in Dragonball Z are funny or unusual? This page has a list of characters names and what their names mean. Most of them involve food.

Bulma - Buruma (bloomers) are tight gym shorts worn by Japanese school Girls

Dr. Briefs - A kind of men's underwear

Oolong - A common type of Chinese Tea

Yamcha - Yamucha is another word for dim sum. (Chinese Appetisers)

Pu'ar - Pu erh is a special kind of Chinese tea that is formed into bricks

Tenshinhan - Tenshin are Chinese Deserts

Chaozu - another reading for his name is gyoza, or pot stickers

Kinto'un - Kinton is boiled, mashed yellow sweet potatoes with chestnuts

Gohan - Boiled rice or a meal

Saiyan - rearrange the syllables to make the word yasai, meaning vegetables.

Raditz - Raddish

Vegeta - Vegetable

Nappa - a general term for greens and a type of cabbage

Kakkarot - an interesting mutation of the word carrot

Namek - add 'uji' and you have namekuji, meaning slug

Dende - add 'n' and you have denden; denden-mushi is snail in Japanese

Cargo - add 'es' and you have escargot, the French word for edible snails

Nail - add 's' and you have snail

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